Sunday, June 25, 2017

Colour Philosophy

While I've largely been sticking to the same products for my daily face these past few months, the not-yet-retired makeup enthusiast in me still isn't immune to the temptation of a cheap, novelty item. Enter Essence Glitter in the Air Velvet Lipstick in Life Is Too Short For Boring Lipstick (01), something that inexplicably called out to me on a recentish trip to Priceline. As its defiant (or defensive?) name might suggest, the colour's pretty out there.

Life Is Too Short For Boring Lipstick is a cool-toned, dark greyish purple. Under certain light, it looks more like a browny plum. In any event, it's the kind of colour that one might say evokes the effects of hypothermia or screams "goth". But I don't care. It's a shade that I don't have and one that I normally wouldn't go for, given cool-toned colours rarely look good on me. But I tried the tester on at the shop (yes, I'm one of those disgusting people) and I didn't hate it. In fact, I was sold.

l-r: Essence Life Is Too Short For Boring Lipstick, Revlon Black Cherry, Colourpop Mess Around, Colourpop Toolips

I compared it with the most similar colours in my lipstick collection, and as expected none were close enough to be considered a dupe. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry is distinctly more of a vampy, deep merlot, though the texture is comparable to the Essence (i.e. undeniably patchy but not impossible to work with). Black Cherry is also more of a satin finish than the more matte Life Is Too Short For Boring Lipstick. Both Colourpop shades are more brown-toned than purple, though Toolips is about the same darkness. However being liquid lipsticks, they arguably don't have the same versatility and ease of use as a conventional lipstick, though are smoother and more even in application.

Here, I've applied it fairly opaquely à la ~dramatic statement lip~, though I prefer wearing it as a light stain for a touch of something unusual and moody. I usually just dab some product with my finger onto my lips (often primed with some kind of balm underneath) and then press my lips together to blend. Even in minuscule amounts, it never fails to elicit comments ("Are you wearing lipstick?"). The texture is on the waxy, hard side and isn't as emollient or smooth as a traditional lipstick, possibly because darker matte colours have inherent formulation limitations. But it's an issue that can be overcome so long as a little more time and care is taken with the application.

Overall, I'm liking Essence for affordable, "trend" products that one can experiment and have some fun with. At such a low price point, I appreciate the small details (like how the lipstick is cut into an interesting diamond-faceted shape which I failed to photograph in its pristine state — but this blogger did), and I feel the baseline quality is good, despite room for improvement. Life may be too short for boring lipstick, but ultimately makeup is about personal preference and what gives you confidence and enjoyment.
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