Thursday, March 1, 2012

Into the Dark

Sleek's Bad Girl i-Divine palette is intense. Considering just how dark and deep most of the colours are, it's not the most wearable and versatile of palettes. Despite the fact you won't be using it everyday, it's still worthwhile to have for creating dramatic smokey and grungy looks when the occasion or mood calls. (Though you probably won't be going as far as Nic from Pixiwoo did in this somewhat polarising Intense Blue Smokey Eyes Tutorial.) These shadows, especially the two blues, are incredibly pigmented, to the point I was concerned my fingertips or the skin of my arm would become stained after I swatched them. Fortunately, I had no issues in wiping away the shadows with ordinary makeup remover.

With flash

The first two shades, a shimmery white and nudeish champagne, are fairly standard and quite silvery highlight shades. You could wear the two grey shadows (one silver, the other a slate grey) or the cool-toned green (7th from the left in the swatches) as a light wash over the eyelids during the day, given they're the lightest shades in the palette. However, those colours aren't exactly special or unique, and similar or identical shades would probably already exist in anyone's eyeshadow collection. While it's pleasing that I find the matte black in this palette to be deeper and darker than the equivalent in the Storm palette, the charcoal and very dark green apply basically like a black, making 3 of the 12 shades more or less slight variations on black. Just a bit too much black for me. The whole point of this palette lies in the super intense and pigmented blues and purples at the end. While I don't really see myself wearing them very much at all, they're still impressive quality and fun to play around with.

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  1. the palette looks good, agreed that the colors cant be worn all the time. lovely blog looking forward to more post!

    The Ugly Moments


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