Saturday, December 7, 2013

Under the Tree Treats

There's nothing like Christmas to inspire a whole 'nother level of consumer frenzy. The material temptations around this time of year are vast and unrelenting. In an effort to filter through the excess, I've picked out a select few items that are top of my festive wishlist. These are all fairly luxe in nature (blame it on escalating "tastes"), so I'm not planning on a crazed spending spree any time soon, but one can always dream.

1. Chanel Charming Ombres Matelassées Eyeshadow Palette
Until about 3 months ago, there wasn't a single Chanel item in my makeup collection. While I now have one of their Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks in ÉvasionLes Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder and their Soleil Tan de Chanel cream bronzer, I've never tried any eyeshadow offering from the brand. This 5-shade limited edition neutral palette seems to be the perfect opportunity to change all that. Yes, it's hideously expensive at $98, but it's not too far off American ($80) and UK prices (£48), certainly less marked up than something like the Bobbi Brown Smokey Warm Eye Palette which retails for $48.50 in the US but $80 here. We can lay the blame firmly on Lisa Eldridge for raving about the Charming palette in her videos and Instagram, no doubt setting off pangs of want deep in the hearts of beauty fanatics worldwide.

2. Urban Decay Naked3
Do I really need the third installment of Urban Decay's Naked eyeshadow palette series? Probably. This time around there's a focus on "rose-hued neutrals" (read: pink), and while I'm not entirely convinced with the first half of the palette (too light, too pink), most of the shades in the second half are calling my name. Urban Decay rarely disappoint when it comes to eyeshadow and on a cost-per-shade basis their Naked palettes are excellent value for money. I'm holding off for now while the hysteria surrounding this new release dies down, but totally see myself welcoming this palette into my Naked family somewhere down the track.

3. Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque
This mask has been on my radar for quite a while now and is one of the more achievable acquisitions on this list. I was prepared to buy it while holidaying in London, but discovered it's actually cheaper at home ($39 vs. £27 or about $48). I'm trying to use up my existing clay mask first, the super affordable Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask Orange + Bergamot which I purchased earlier in the year to qualify for Priceline's massive skin care goodie bag, but the Aesop is more desirable in every way. The lower half of my face tends to easily breakout, so I'm naturally drawn to a mask that claims to purify the skin and unclog pores.

4. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille
I'm at a stage where I'm tentatively exploring slightly more "niche" brands when it comes to perfume, moving away from celebrity or designer fragrances. I bought my first Jo Malone and diptyque perfumes while on vacation in Europe, but have yet to add a bottle of Serge Lutens to my collection. Their popular Fleurs d'Oranger reminds me so much of Estée Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia which I already have, but I don't own anything like Un Bois Vanille. I haven't traditionally been drawn to vanilla scents, previously dismissing them as uninspired, generic and too food-like for my tastes (geddit?), but I'm increasingly beginning to see the simple genius in a vanilla scent done right. Alluring, feminine and plain delectable.

5. Wayne Goss The Collection
Seeing this gorgeously soft limited edition Christmas brush on Wayne Goss's Instagram reminded me how much I wanted to try the brushes from his collection. If you watch his YouTube videos, it's easy to conclude the man knows what he's talking about when it comes to brushes. I'd always thought that gossmakeupartist was a "guru" that genuinely valued integrity, honesty and independence, and it sounds like crafting this brush line was a completely hands-on labour of love for him. While the whole 8-piece set is certainly steep (£140), I'm inclined to believe you're paying for the quality of the craftsmanship and materials involved.

6. Charlotte Tilbury Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette in The Dolce Vita
When Charlotte Tilbury first launched her cosmetics line, I could hardly contain my excitement. I remember stalking a test site that essentially replicated her relaunched website before it officially opened, and watching all the embedded, then-private YouTube videos that she had made to showcase each individual product in the range. The amount of work that Charlotte put into each of the videos is phenomenal and she's a natural, persuasive salesperson. I was eager to check out the line in person while in London in September, but I managed to resist purchasing anything when I came across her counter at Selfridges. If money were no object, this Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette would be mine. I adore the packaging and the warm, reddish, bronzey, chocolatey shades are right up my alley.

7. diptyque Feu de Bois Candle
A recent discovery while casually browsing Mecca Cosmetica on Friday. I'd never thought I'd be drawn to a scent like Feu de Bois, but there was something unique, comforting and refined about it. Described as "the warm, familiar, sophisticated accord of rare woods throughout the long winter days", I can see myself thoroughly enjoying burning this at night in my room. While I've tried a couple of other candles after my purchase of diptyque Roses, I've decided they simply don't compare. Yes, they're expensive, but I personally find them worth it. Diptyque estimate their standard candle (190g) burns for 50-60 hours, which even if the lower end was optimistically stated, is about 20-25 sessions of 2 hours burn time. Say you light your candle two times a week, that's roughly 3 months of diptyque goodness for $78, and in the end, you get a gorgeous jar that doubles up as a container for makeup brushes, cotton pads, Q-tips or lip crayons. I've read complaints that the jar can get sooty but I always trim the wick before relighting and haven't experienced any issues. The only problem I have with my Roses candle is how unevenly it's burned. Lesson learnt for next time.


  1. oh half of the stuffs on your list are what I am currently lusting over as well.. as if I had unlimited supply of
    I have pre ordered the Naked 3 at hqhair when they were having 12% off on black friday.. the palette supposed to arrive by the 21 december so I am excited ! :-)
    the chanel palette iin Germany s exclusively sold only to chanel counter inside where I work, so the SA which a friend of mine kept telling me how I should really get the palette.. but at €55 , I really hesitated esp because I tend to always have bad luck with chanel make up..

  2. Urban decay is my fav and this candle is also pretty amazing :)

  3. Haha I'm so gonna grab the Naked 3 eventually ;)

  4. Get the parsley seed mask!! It's just gorgeous and is honestly the first detox/clearing type mask that has actually made a noticeable difference to my skin. You won't regret it. I've always justified my Diptyque candle purchases as mini investments, and your burn time vs cost breakdown completely backs me up!

  5. Oh the Urban Decay Naked Palette...I have to reserve mine, otherwise it will fly away.
    I've heard really different opinions in what comes about the WayneGoss brushes...Sad that they are made with natural fibers...I usually just buy synthetic ones!
    Oh and that mask <3 I've seen Estée (Essie Button) raving about her...facial masks are such a good treat.

    I loved your wishlist :3
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  6. All the eyeshadow palettes there take my fancy! The Charlotte Tillbury palette has some AMAZING colours in there and the Chanel one looks so luxurious!
    alicekatex ♥

  7. Excellent list! I'm not that convinced with the latest Naked installment but the case and the shades are REAL pretty :>

    The Wayne Goss brush sets are indeed steep, but the thought and work and materials behind it (for me)justifies the price.

    <a href="'>View the lates post at FMWL</a>

  8. Wasn't really feeling the Chanel Palette, out of all the shades I only really liked one but the Urban Decay one, I just might be counting down the days.
    I cant get Feu de Bois out of my head, every time I'm in Space NK I spend about a good five minutes standing there smelling it!!!

  9. great wishlist! the aesop is on mine! I find that i don't even need to burn diptyque candles for 2 hours - so many of the scents can disperse around the room in even half an hour i think! :)

  10. I wasn't that excited about the Naked 3 palette until I started seeing it everywhere. The second half of the palette looks really beautiful but I'm trying to tell myself I don't need it!

    Jennie xo |

  11. This Chanel eyeshadow palette is gorgeous! I've swatched it a few times.

    Kimberley x

  12. Naked 3 is definitely on my list!

    The Chanel palette is pretty stunning too :) there's a coco shine lipstick I've had my eye on called Rebelle which looks so pretty x

    Sarah @ xx

  13. The Chanel Eye Shadows are divine, I'm desperately trying not to buy it as it rather expensive.
    Amy xA Little Boat Sailing

  14. I definitely want to see the Naked 3 under my tree!

  15. oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with Naked 3, and the Diptyque candles too!

  16. I'm currently anticipating the release of the Naked 3. I love the rose gold theme of the palette. The only thing I own from Chanel are a few of their nail polishes and the Perfection Lumiere foundation, the holiday eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous but I it'll take a lot of effort for me to persuade myself to get it since it's so pricey!

  17. I am dying to get my hands on Naked 3, it just looks so pretty! I bought my first Diptyque candle last week and I'm burning it now. It's just beautiful, but the price tag is still making me feel guilty!

  18. Great selections! I love my Chanel Charming palette and have featured it quite a lot lately. The Dolce Vita palette is definitely on my radar x x

  19. I'm the exact same as you. The last half of the Naked 3 palette is calling, scratch that it's SHOUTING my name. ;) such gorgeous shades to create a beautiful dark sultry smokey eye. I need it. And I'm gonna get it. Why fight the inevitable right? :D

  20. I'd like the entire contents of your wishlist under my Christmas tree, I should just sent Santy a link to this post! Naked3 looks totally up my alley, if not for use then for collectors respect ha! Is that sad?

    How much does the Tilbury palette retail for? It looks so amazing! I'm unsure about the Chanel palette, I've had bad experiences with the shadows in the past so I tend to just stick to the blushes now. I happen to know that there is a Chanel blush under the tree for me as I type, and the temptation is driving me bonkers.

    1. Haha hold your horses! :) Delayed gratification is good ... or something.

      Collecting Naked palettes is perfectly valid.

      The Tilbury palette retails for £38.00! More expensive than the whole Naked3 palette. I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on it and I think it's really difficult to buy online - I'm pretty sure she doesn't ship internationally or if she does, it would be like £25 in itself :p

      I've never tried Chanel eyeshadows so I'm unsure how I'd get along with them. It's really more the packaging than anything else I'm attracted to haha. So sad.

  21. I'm still debating whether to ask for the Naked 3 palette, I'm sure it will be mine at some point maybe when the uproar dies down. I can definitely vouch for the Aesop mask, it's lovely!


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