Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cheeks, Lips, Eyes

Revlon's Multi-Use Palette was one of the better bargain buys I've made. I picked it up at Priceline for $4.9, when it was reduced to $7 and they had a 30% off all Revlon sale. Apparently Gucci Westman, who had a hand in its design, likes this limited edition palette for "a little contour". It consists of two cheek shades (a shimmery highlight and a peachy blush), two eyeshadows (a reddish/dark brown and blueish medium grey), and a lip colour in a bright, raspberry-toned red.

Direct sunlight

Cool, indirect light 

 Close up of the shimmer in the highlight shade

I really appreciate the versatility of this multifunctional cream palette but I wish the two eyeshadows were different shades, as I don't feel the colours are all that flattering on me. The grey is slightly muddy-looking, and I can't seem to make the brown work at all. I usually use Revlon cream shadows as a base for powder eyeshadows, as they're not the most pigmented or long-lasting on their own.

The cheek shades redeem the palette for me. The orange gives a warm, peachy flush which applies effortlessly and looks natural. The white highlight shade doesn't look like much at first glance, but contains the most gorgeous golden shimmer. It might be too glittery for some and I wouldn't wear it during the day, but it's something special on top of the cheekbones for a night out. The lip colour is a vibrant but surprisingly wearable berry red. It's rare to find a red that is both flattering on my skin tone and not too intimidating. It's matte, long-lasting and doesn't transfer. Buildable in intensity, I'd only wear this as a stain, but there's always the option to go all out and layer the colour on with a lip brush for precision and maximum effect.


  1. Ooo..ive never come across such a thing here before! Looks like it could come in handy on certain days! Good to hear the blush works for you! I actually fancy the more gray toned brown! :p

  2. Great buy! ;) So many colors, and the white and coral looks beautiful. Very functional indeed!

    Have a colorful week! :P
    Andrea **

  3. I love the concept of the multi-functional palette - but the Revlon cream eyeshadows (and any cream eyeshadow) never really works well on me. Love the peach blush though - that looks like it would work wonderfully and give a beautiful glow :)

  4. oh the pigmentation looks spectacular. Unfortunately we don't have revlon here in germany :'((

  5. Oooh the sparkle in the highlight is just gorgeous!

  6. oh i haven't seen this before..but this is totally unique and clever design!
    love the bright lip color and the soft peach blush. :)

  7. Oooh this looks like a handy palette for travelling. I haven't really tried a lot of cream products before but if I see this around I'll definitely think about purchasing it!

  8. I saw this today! It was $10. I also saw some Revlon cream shadow quads for $5-$10. I want to get into cream shadows: what do you recommend?

  9. I'm so jealous of this palette! I love that blush. If I ever visit Australia I'm going to try and hunt you down and buy this off of you. Haha jk. Kinda.


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