Monday, March 30, 2015

What ... No Eyeshadow?

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, Priceline held another one of their 40% off sales. These seem to be rolling around with increased regularity (though they have separate sales for skin care, cosmetics and hair care), so the buzz wasn't as frenzied as the first time a couple of years ago. That didn't stop me from buying more than ever. The density of Priceline stores, especially in the city, was inescapable. Even if I planned to visit just one, I'd find a better-stocked shop just around the corner with new treats to be tempted by.

I ended up buying:
  • Essie Cocktail Bling (RRP $16.95, sale price $10.17)
  • Australis K-Pop (backup of my existing bottle, rant on this later) (RRP $4.95, sale price $2.97)
  • Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in Hon-o-loo-loo (RRP $9.95, sale price $5.97)
  • Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in In With Coral (RRP $9.95, sale price $5.97)
  • Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Fuchsia Desire (RRP $9.95, sale price $5.97)
  • Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Berry Much (RRP $9.95, sale price $5.97)
  • Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover (RRP $9.95, sale price $5.97)
  • Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lovely Pink (RRP $21.95, sale price $13.17)
  • Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve (RRP $21.95, sale price $13.17)
  • Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Blush in Good Girls Wear Peach (RRP $5.10, sale price $3.06)

Total: $72.39

Yikes. I didn't buy this all in one go but in a few separate trips across two days, so it all adds up in the end. I honestly could've done without the lip products (or maybe just one Maybelline lip crayon, rather than three) and probably could've skipped Australis K-Pop and Max Factor Nude Mauve. Had I only purchased the products I'm genuinely happy with (Essie nail polish, Essence blush, Maybelline nail polish remover pot and Max Factor Lovely Pink), the total would've been a much more reasonable $32.37.

I was hesitant to purchase this Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Blush in Good Girls Wear Peach (contender for worse shade name ever), since I'd already by this stage splurged on two of the new Max Factor blushes and didn't want to further clog up my blush collection with a super cheap addition that seemed fairly generic. But two things swayed me: 1) It was $3.06, people. I could forgo my daily coffee and buy this instead. 2) There wasn't a tester available, and considering it's limited edition, I didn't want to risk letting it go just in case it really was something special.

I'm glad I bought this because it's an amazing blush for the price. The thick, sturdy plastic packaging reminds me of the Clinique Cheek Pops, and the warm, soft, pinky-peach colour is flattering on the skin. It's not too intensely pigmented that you need an ultra light hand, but it can be built up to quite a strong colour. The most remarkable aspect of Good Girls Wear Peach is that the shimmer in it isn't silvery or frosty, but a very fine, pearly pink. My only complaint is that the texture has a tendency to cling onto dry patches, so it works best for smooth, properly exfoliated/moisturised skin.

I wasn't intending to buy these Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes at all, since baked blushes aren't really my thing and Max Factor as a brand hasn't excited me in a long time (if ever, to be honest). I do really like their Masterpiece Max mascara, but that's pretty much where it ends. A few years ago, one of their cream blushes in Soft Copper also interested me (mainly because it was a favourite of Zoe Foster, and featured in one of Queen Eldridge's videos), but it was always way too expensive to justify buying.

I was looking through Instagram at people's Priceline hauls and a recurring sight was the Creme Puff Blushes. I figured if my fellow beauty junkies were putting them in their shopping baskets, I needed to at least check them out in person. There's only 4 shades available in Australia, as opposed to 6 in the UK (we're missing Alluring Rose and Gorgeous Berries). I swatched all 4 on my hand and Lovely Pink was the one that appealed to me the most. Whacking a bit on my cheeks, I immediately liked the glowy, youthful, healthy effect it gave, so I bought it. That night, I was Googling the Creme Puff Blushes and reading all about how they've taken the UK beauty world by storm and have been touted as Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush dupes. Fully hooked now, I was determined to buy Nude Mauve the following day. I luckily managed to nab the last one at the Priceline I visited.

l-r: Max Factor Nude Mauve, Max Factor Lovely Pink, Essence Good Girls Wear Peach

Bottom to top: Max Factor Nude Mauve, Max Factor Lovely Pink, Essence Good Girls Wear Peach

I was surprised at how similar Max Factor Lovely Pink and Essence Good Girls Wear Peach are. They're almost the same blush, except the Essence is peachier and the Max Factor is more of a light warm pink. The texture of the Max Factor is also superior, in that it applies and sits more smoothly on the skin (which you'd expect, given it's four times the price).

I'm not as into Nude Mauve as I hoped I'd be, mainly because it's a bit confusing as a colour. When swatched, I can definitely see slight purple tones, but it's more a mix of brown and peach with an illuminating pearl. I've read that it's similar to Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure and other hybrid sculpting/contouring and blush products, but it seems too soft in colour to be really effective. (The Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush goes a long way towards creating the illusion of cheekbones though.) The lasting power of these Creme Puff Blushes also isn't anything spectacular.

Essie Cocktail Bling

I've wanted Cocktail Bling for a long time, so I was both surprised and happy to see it stocked at Priceline. This shade reminds me a lot of one of my favourite nail polish colours of all time, the long discontinued Sportsgirl Storm. I adore these moody, sophisticated purply-greys and I've been enjoying wearing Cocktail Bling on my nails for the past few days. The formula was hard to fault and it had a revamped wider, flatter brush reminiscent of the OPI brushes which made application a lot easier.

Before painting on Cocktail Bling, I removed OPI Last Friday Night with the Maybelline Express Remover (Maybelline's answer to Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover). Given it was 4 coats of glitter polish, I think it did a decent job. Not amazing, but we can't expect miracles. I anticipate it to fare much better with removing ordinary creme polishes. Tip: don't tilt the tub. There is liquid remover in it that isn't completely absorbed by the surrounding sponge which will spill out.

I also bought a backup bottle of my beloved Australis K-Pop (featured in my 2014 Favourites), only to discover it's not the same shade. This new bottle, with the same name and ostensibly the same colour, is noticeably darker. Fail! I painted the old K-Pop and new one side by side on my toenail and the difference was undeniable. Makes me question their nail polish quality control when there's no consistency between batches.

Top to bottom: Australis Hon-o-loo-loo, Maybelline In With Coral, Maybelline Fuchsia Desire, Maybelline Berry Much

Finally, the lip products. I will likely dedicate individual posts on the new Maybelline crayons I bought and my mini Australis Velourlips collection (hope it helps, Emma!), so I won't go into too much detail here. But basically, I don't need any more lip products.

I bought a NARS pencil sharpener recently, which I took as permission to go all out on the Maybelline lip pencils. I had tested a few when they were first released and already decided I liked the coral and fuchsia shades the best (oh so typical of me if we're talking brights). I also had to get Berry Much because anything that graces Lisa Eldridge's lips I immediately covet. Yep, I'm sad like that.

The formula of both the Velourlips and Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils is actually very good. I just can't appreciate them without berating myself for buying them unnecessarily.


  1. Legit not the last time you say you don't need any more lip products.

    Great haul! I'm so glad you got the Creme Puff blushes in those shades because I would have gone for those too. I was very good and didn't get anything in this sale because I didn't get a chance to go to a Priceline. I could do with a new mascara but I've learnt not to trust Western brands' standards of waterproof. I too would love to hear what you have to say about the Maybelline crayons and the Velourlips. I'm kinda over lip pencils but these sound great. I also have a good mind to see what the Rimmel East End Snob lip liner is all about if we have it here. Have you looked into it? (Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat dupe!)

    1. LOL ... put me in my place Cherie. Clearly delusion goes hand in hand with addiction.

      Nope, I haven't looked into the Rimmel lip liner. Lip liners in general don't interest me all that much. Plus - no lip prods, remember? ;)

  2. I only picked up two things in the sale! Yay me! In complete honesty, nothing was really jumping out at me and I think I've reached the point where I'd rather save up for higher end makeup than spend frivolously on cheaper stuff! I was tempted by the Max Factor blushes but resisted, none of the shades appealed to me (wish they'd brought over the Berries shade) and I just have TOO MANY BLUSHES. I'm glad you're liking the Maybelline pencils though! And the Essence blush looks pretty great! I am quite the fan of their blushes.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I really want to try the colour drama, they look gorgeous!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Win a Luxury Beauty Item of your Choice

  4. I really held back on the Priceline sale and only bought two things I really wanted - the new super deep red velourlips and the fresh and flawless powder. I am really regretting not picking up any of the Max Factor blushes because they're pretty pricey not on sale, but there were not testers at my store and I couldn't decide on a shade.

  5. What bargains! The Essie polish is a stunning shade.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

  6. I am personally really loving my Nude Mauve blush from Max Factor and I hope to pick up the other shades :) Becoming Becca

  7. Everything looks quite nice *-*
    Although that thing with the nail polish was quite a bummer...I mean, we except things to maintain the same colour...what if it was a foundation?
    The lip products look quite nice (I believe they weren't released here...although the last thing I actually need are lip products...)
    And those blushes *-* I've been currently controlling myself because the new kiko blushes and catrice blushes look adorable...and again, the last think I need are blushes, specially when I am already craving two shades from Benefit....

    And Cocktail Bling is just amazing! I've been getting a few essie nail polishes from time to time and, I think this little guy has entered on my wishlist!

    Take care*

    1. It was indeed a bummer! Consistency of product is just an assumed quality so when I discovered they were 2 different shades I was certainly unimpressed. And you're right, imagine if that happened with a foundation. Laughable!

      What shades are you eyeing from Benefit? I do like the look of Rockateur and the Majorette blush, but Benefit stuff is hideously expensive here (like $51 for a blush I believe).

  8. What a great haul and I do the same when I buy beauty products. I end up forgetting something and go back and buy more than I intended. All the blushes look so pretty and lip products are so colorful.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  9. These are all great picks but I hear you. There's a point at which everything starts to look similar and that's why I'm doing lipstick survivor. Half of me wishes I had never started, lol. Even still, I definitely wouldn't have let a 40% sale pass. C'mon. We're crazy but we're not stupid. ;O

    1. LOL. Debatable at times (for me at least) ;)

      Lipstick Survivor is such a great idea - and certainly inspirational. My main problem is I have no one to push my unwanted/discarded cosmetics to anymore. I think my friends are tiring of it and aren't interested anymore. But then it agonises me a tiny bit to just ruthlessly chuck stuff in the bin - though frequently that is what it comes to.

  10. I love this haul. Its so good to see one from Australia because it means there actually products I can go and test out for myself

  11. The essence blush look beautiful!!

    Annie |

  12. I know....Max Factor is so boring and old fashioned. Never paid too much attention to these new blushes but they surprised me in person. Might pick one or two, waiting for your review :P
    Passing Fancy​

  13. The Essence blush packaging does look like the Clinique cheek pop ones. The Essie nail polish shade is so pretty. Every time I spot a sale, I "make" myself in getting more than usual to save on the long run :)

  14. Love the Essie polish... I have an OPI shade just like it :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  15. I really want to try the Maybelline lip pencils, lucky for me, I have not banned myself from buying more lip products lmao

  16. You picked up some great bargains! I've been keeping my eye out for those Max Factor blushers, but whenever I go to Boots here in the UK, most of the shades are constantly sold out :( They look gorgeous! xx

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  17. Ahh so many lovely things! The Essence blush looks so pretty, definitely worth risking the purchase without seeing a tester and despite the terrible name! Love cocktail bling polish, suits your skintone so much! ox

  18. As much as how you say you don't need any more lip products, we all know it's not gonna stop hahaha. I haven't tried those maybelline lip pencils, but they look really nice and pigmented. The blushes you have look gorgeous!!! I haven't bought anything from Essence in a while since there is only one drugstore in my area that carries it. I guess you have given me a reason to go in but I've bought so many makeup products lately because of all the sales, I'll have to restraint myself :P

    1. They are definitely very pigmented! Essence is great for a cheap fix - so affordable and the quality generally is decent for the price. At times more than decent.

      I'm not going to say complete and utter lip product ban, but if I do find myself tempted by a certain product, I will have to be 100% sure I don't have an existing shade like it at home before I allow myself to buy :p

  19. I've been loving the Colour Drama lip pencils and Max Factor creme puff blushes too :) I did find with both though that the quality varied across shades! xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

  20. Oh, so many beautiful things!)
    I want it all!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  21. Cocktail Bling is so pretty. Muted grey toned nail polishes are my weakness! I wish I had picked it up along with my four other Essie nail polishes. The Maybelline Color Drama Lip Crayons look interesting

  22. I wanted to pick up 'Berry Much', but ended up convincing myself I really, really didn't need any more lip things. I'm right, but I still want it.


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