Sunday, August 23, 2015

Maybelline Haul

Maybelline is currently 50% off at Priceline, so naturally I've been haulin'. I just can't seem to resist a good sale, no matter how valiantly the "logical" side of my brain attempts to convince me otherwise. "Drugstore" makeup is so expensive in Australia that 50% off basically just brings our prices in line with the US. Maybelline has had a few exciting launches recently, so I took the opportunity to buy some products I've heard good reviews about, along with a couple of unplanned purchases that were irresistibly cheap.

Super Stay 7 Day Gel Nail Color in Surreal ($3.97, normal price $7.95)
I was curious to try one of these polishes as they seem to be well received by British bloggers. The colour also reminded me of the exact blue I was after in my Evil Eye Nails post. Because of the long-wearing, gel colour claims, I thought I'd skip my usual Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, but surprisingly, this chipped on me within a day. That's deterred me from buying any more polishes in the range. The colour selection is limited anyway, so no other shade (apart from maybe Rose Poudre) is really calling out to me.

Lash Sensational Mascara & HyperSharp Liner Pack ($12.45, normal price $24.90)
The bargain of this haul. I even bought a backup. It's one thing to have unbeatable value (the mascara retails for $21.95 on its own, the HyperSharp Wing Liquid Liner $16.95), it's another thing when the products actually perform. I've ditched all other mascaras I was using (including Rimmel Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara and Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme, a freebie from the September 2015 issue of Marie Claire which did very little for me) to focus on Lash Sensational. I feel like it would be a dream mascara for anyone with decent lashes. On my pathetic lashes, it's not too bad, but not amazing. It separates and defines very well, though I don't find it hugely voluminising. The fanned wand does make it easier to get to those pesky outer corner lashes and coat/curl them, which is a huge plus.

The liner on the other hand, I'm very impressed by. I'm not sure how many uses I'll get out of it, but I've been reaching for it every day in the past week and it's exceeded all expectations. It's very precise but easy to use, with a sharp but still flexible tip. I also like that the formula is instantly matte and opaque upon application, without any wateriness or dilution. It lasts all day, doesn't smudge and is properly black.

Color Sensational Lipcolor in Coral Pop (420) ($4.24, normal price $16.95)
I absolutely did not need another coral lipstick, but it was $4.24 (discontinued shade?), so my resolve crumbled. When I got home, straight away I swatched it alongside my other coral lipsticks to determine how unnecessary it was. I soon discovered it's almost the same colour as Mango Diamonds (though Mango Diamonds has a slight pearl, is glossier in finish, a touch lighter and not as pigmented). Minute differences aside, they're virtually indistinguishable on the lips. Regardless, I always gravitate to these bright orangey colours for a reason. They work with my skin tone (though they can bring out the red in my face if my base isn't perfectly even) and they're an injection of summer no matter the time of year.

Master Sculpt Contour Palette in Medium/Dark (02) ($9.97, normal price $19.95)
This product wouldn't even have been on my radar but for Harry Makes It Up raving about it. I really didn't expect much from a "drugstore" contouring palette, but first impressions were almost overwhelmingly positive. Dare I say I prefer the contour shade to Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder in Medium, which I find a bit too dark and ashy on me? The colour reminds me of Benefit Hoola with a dash more grey. It's not as long lasting and the texture might not be as finely milled or smooth as a higher end product, but it's still pretty damn good. Even the highlighter, which was very much take it or leave it, fared better than anticipated. On the subtle side, a little glittery (eye-catching/ethereal glittery though, not chunky, frosty or pore-emphasising), not too whitish or silvery in tone. Despite the smallish looking pan, you get a decent amount of product (9g). I just wished they ditched the unnecessary bottom compartment with the mirror and included brush, since that would've made the packaging so much sleeker and easier to travel with.

The Nudes Palette
I've saved the best for last. I've wanted this wretched eyeshadow palette since forever, but I never found it in stock. ANYWHERE. I was almost tempted to buy the used tester at Priceline, until a friend talked me out of it. I finally found the palette in stock at Chemist Warehouse, though not for 50% off. Sadly, they were only offering a measly 15% off, so I bought mine for $21.21 (a whopping $3.74 off the normal price of $24.95). It was only until much later when a friend reminded me that a lot of places do price matching that I realised I probably should've asked whether Chemist Warehouse would match Priceline. Oh well.

Moving on to the actual palette, overall, it's another winner from Maybelline. First, the colour payoff is solid. There are a couple of shades that are a bit harder to build up pigmentation, but there aren't any true duds. Granted, there are plenty of eyeshadow palettes from more affordable brands that deliver on pigmentation (MUA, Wet n Wild, Sleek), but what makes The Nudes stand out is the colour selection. It's on point. I have neutral eyeshadows coming out of my ears, but I still found myself genuinely excited about this palette. Though I'd characterise it as generally cool-toned, the shadows still work for me and don't look dull or muddy. The mix of satin, metallic, glitter and matte shades ranging from light to dark makes it so well-considered, versatile and complete. My favourites are the first colour in the bottom row (gorgeous all over the lid), the first colour in the top row (highlight shade with beautiful iridescent glitter), the gold (very pretty in inner corner), the matte mid-tone taupe (pure sophistication) and the matte dark brown (great for adding definition to any eye look). I also think they did an excellent job with the packaging, though the useless sponge applicator could've been ditched.

I almost don't feel as bad with my wholly unnecessary spending when most of the products were hits. I also bought a Volum' Express The Mega Plush Mascara for $4.99 (down from $19.95) that I retrieved from the bargain bin, but since I'm using Lash Sensational, I've tucked it away for now. Drugstore makeup successes always make me question whether high end makeup is really that much superior to justify the steeper prices. From a quality/performance perspective, it does seem like the gap is narrowing, and at times, non-existent (or the cheaper product may even trump the more expensive). Of course, the appeal of more expensive makeup doesn't lie purely in the actual product, but these Maybelline products prove that cheaper cosmetics can absolutely do the job, and do it well.


  1. Ahhh, had I known earlier about your longing for that palette! I received two at some point and got rid of both. Would definitely have sent you one. But it's good to know 50% sales exist somewhere... it rarely or never happens here. Our markups aren't as bad as yours but it's still horrendous considering we share land mass with the US, land of bargains. Anyway, I'm on a no-buy until January but a sale like this definitely would have me looking if not collapsing completely. >__<

  2. nice, everything looks great :))))

  3. That eyeliner and that lipstick look amazing!
    Sadly none of them are available here for some reason. Which is quite sad really.

    I'm not a huge fan of Maybelline mascaras. I wanted to like them since they are fairly affordable but I believe I am quite allergic to them or something. I always feel the need to scratch my eyes like there is no tomorrow whenever I use one from them :c

  4. I really like the contour palette but find the eyeshadows don't last that long on me unfortunately! It's such a lovely palette though! Really like the look of that liner the nib looks perfect for me!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  5. Maybelline is possibly my favourite drugstore brand! Especially when it comes to their mascaras, eyeshadow pigmentations, lipsticks.. okay basically almost everything.

    The Lash Sensation mascara sadly didn't really work well with my eyes either and I was quickly disappointed by it after a few uses. I've heard a few things about that liner and I think after this post, I will go out and buy one myself (or when it goes on sale.) I'm currently using Mayeblline's gel liner and loving it, so why not give this one a try as well.

    That is one beautiful coral shade, I love rocking it for the summer vibes!

    I was so excited with they came out with that nude palette (even though I own wayyy many neutral palettes already!). I haven't gotten this one yet, but I got the rose palette instead. It's not that good and pigmented. So I'm glad you like this one and it seems better!

  6. I LOVE the Lash Sensational Mascara! The waterproof version is definitely my holy grail. I think I'm on my third tube, which is definitely a record for me!

    Emma //

  7. Awesome haul! I didn't pick up anything (though tempted) because I'm on a spending ban at the moment. The duo mascara and liner pack sounds like cray-zay value for money though! I'm glad you're getting on with the nudes palette, I've been hearing very mixed reviews!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  8. Ahhh 50% off! I wouldn't have been able to resist either xD
    The palette is on my radar too, looking at you swatch, it is just a must have for me now even though I have already got so many neutral eyeshadows. LOL.
    That blue nail polish is gorgeous, too bad it chipped within a day :( I have once tried blue nail polish from Maybelline ( the rounded bottle ) and it stained my nails like crazy for days! I needed to run to the nearest manicurist to get the blue stain removed :/ that was the end for the relationship between my nails and any Maybelline nail polishes hahha

  9. I didn't pick much up on the 50% off sales this time around, however I did pick up Rose Poudre, and I have been loving it thus far. I'm really surprised with how well it's been wearing on me, so much so I went back to pick up the top coat from the range. It's a shame Surreal chipped on you within a day though!
    None of my Pricelines stocked the liner + mascara set T_T started to think maybe it was a CW exclusive thing until I read this post t w o p l i c a t e s

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  11. Great haul! Drugstore is crazy expensive here too especially Loreal, Max Factor and Cover girl.

  12. This haul looks amazing! I love all of your Maybelline picks! I love Maybelline mascaras as I really think they work well for Asian lashes :)

  13. Amazing haul! I've been meaning to try out the eyeliner as I've heard so many say that it's better than the master precise! I picked up a couple of things as well. I think just a blush, mascara and something else. Definitely can't go past a 50% off sale here (:

    Alana | Life, Love And Lipstick

  14. Awesome awesome haul Lena.I went yesterday to check out the sale but unfortunately couldn't find anything I wanted :( everything was almost sold out, well whatever I wanted was anyways :(

  15. I haven't heard too great things about the Nudes Palette but your swatches totally convinced me otherwise! And WHERE ON EARTH IS THAT MASCARA AND LINER PACK WHAT. I NEED IT. Because i've been wanting to try both of them T_T

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  16. Ooh what a lovely haul :)
    I NEED to find that nail polish.. such a beautiful blue :)
    So sad that it chipped that soon on you.. I use Seche Vite and these Maybelline ones does not chip until maybe after 5 days :)
    The Nude Palettes is amazing. I´ve had it for a while and did a makeup look with it for my blog :)
    I have heard a lot of people on Youtube that do not like it for some reason but I really really love it :)
    The lipstick looks amazing :)
    My absolute favorite mascara of all time is Maybelline The Colossal Volum´ Express 100% Black. I have tried the other mascaras by Maybelline but NONE of them work as good as the CVE one :)
    I have the Lash Sensational one and I will give it another try soon :)

  17. What a great haul and they have a sale where I love too so must be a Maybelline thing right now. At least you gave me an idea of what I need to pick up now including the palette and lipstick.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  18. I don't get it, did I buy a faulty Contour Kit? I think it is in fact quite orange on my skin and not ashy enough, therefore I really don't like it! Everyone raves about it, except for me haha ;)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  19. I love the look of the palette, so pretty and an amazing price too!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  20. what an awesome deal to grab them while they are at deep discount! I am looking for a new drugstore mascara and will have to try this one out. The sculpting palette also look very promising. The bronzer does look similar to Benefit Hoola.

  21. The nail polish looks like such a beautiful shade, such a shame it chips so easily! The sculpting palette looks really nice xx

  22. Wow, that palette looks beautiful, and those swatches!! So pigmented!

  23. Awesome haul! That polish shade is stunning! xx


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