Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creating Light

I'm not really a matte girl, with the exception of lipstick. I don't particularly like matte foundation, eyeshadow or nail polish. When it comes to skin, I'm all for a radiant, glowing, almost dewy base. To me, there's something especially gorgeous about cheekbones that catch the light when you turn your face at an angle. It's no secret that illuminating the high points of the face (tops of cheekbones, down the bridge of nose, above the cupid's bow) can give that ethereal, youthful touch.

Recently Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator was on sale at Priceline and I managed to pick up the shades Pink Light and Gold Light. I wanted to find Bare Light (the closest to a natural, slightly golden highlight), but was unable to locate it. I'd been keen to try a liquid highlighter after purchasing a powder one (Models Prefer Glitz & Glamour) and enjoying using it as part of my daily routine. At the recommendation of MakeupAlley users, I tore the brush off that came with the product (I used brute force and sheer determination, though tweezers might also do the trick). The tube comes with a handy twist lock that ensures no leakage if the applicator is turned to "Off".

Apparently Pink Light is a dupe of Benefit High Beam, but since I don't have it, I can't do any direct comparisons. I initially thought Pink Light could be used as a light pink shimmery blush, but it's too silvery to be used on the cheeks. It also tends towards frostiness which is more apparent under certain lighting conditions (e.g. fluorescent lights). Having the consistency of a light moisturiser, you need only a very small amount, blended well into the skin, for a noticeable effect. Gold Light is way too dark for me to be used as a highlight. I can only use it as a subtle liquid bronzer, which doesn't bother me, except that I rarely wear bronzer so I don't envisage getting a lot of use out of it. I prefer the gold shimmer particles in Gold Light (as opposed to the silver in Pink Light), but not the colour base. The formula is perfumed, and although the smell isn't entirely unpleasant, I would prefer if it was unscented.

Evidently I didn't fully blend out the product, so the swatches show the colour of each. While nice to have, the Face Illuminator isn't something that I reach for on a daily basis. It comes down to not buying the right shade for me and preferring my existing powder highlighter. However, with Gucci Westman extolling its virtues, and for the price I paid ($7), it's far from an unwelcome addition to my collection.

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