Thursday, February 16, 2012

Emerald and Granite

I was curious to acquire Revlon's Black with Envy after reading comments that it was a potential dupe for Chanel's Black Pearl. Not having Black Pearl, I can't do a direct comparison, but I noticed that Black with Envy was very similar to an existing polish I have, Sportsgirl's Berlin. While both are metallic dark green polishes, there are slight differences that ensure the two aren't completely identical.  

Revlon Black with Envy

Sportsgirl Nail It! Berlin

Berlin on index and ring finger, Black with Envy on middle finger and pinky

Berlin on index finger, Black with Envy on middle finger

Berlin is a dark emerald green while Black with Envy is more a forest green with granite tones. The shimmer in Berlin is a gleaming, eye-catching emerald. Black with Envy has more imperceptible, silvery shimmer. Overall, Berlin is more vibrant and jewel-like, while Black with Envy is more muted and grey-leaning with finer shimmer. I don't clearly prefer one over the other, and to me, they're similar enough to only need one. Black with Envy, being more subdued and sophisticated, seems more suited for the office, and Berlin, a little louder and more saturated, for a night out.

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