Saturday, February 11, 2012

17 and Counting

I seem to have inadvertently developed a bit of a Revlon nail polish collection. Not long ago, I only had a handful of nail polishes from Revlon, either purchased at full price ($13.95 in Australia) because I loved the colour so much, or free from gift with purchase packs. When I found them at Gloss for $5 a pop, I couldn't resist picking up a couple each time I visited. I began to also see them at chemist discount stores, usually for $5 each, and Paddy's Markets at $5-$6. Last weekend, I spotted them at an unbeatable $3 each at some bargain bin store, so naturally I purchased 4 polishes after much scouring and debating (I mean, do I really need another glittery purple, metallic green, hot pink or coral?).

My current collection comprises:

Like most nail polishes, Revlon are a little hit and miss. While I love the shade of Minted, it is disappointingly so difficult to apply that I don't really bother with it. The same could be said for Blue Lagoon, said to be a near dupe of Chanel Riva. You really need a steady hand, immense patience and a considerable level of skill to apply those two polishes to perfection. Demure is very similar to Ulta3 Watermelon, while Black with Envy is close to Sportsgirl Berlin. In terms of both colour and application, my favourites are Gum Drop, Peach Nectar and Gray Suede.


  1. awesome colors! i love revlon nail polishes too, but i can't believe they cost $13 australian dollars, and i think your dollar is worth more than american dollars right now too.

    1. I know right, everything in Australia makeup-wise is super overpriced :( How I wish I could take a holiday to the States or the UK, especially with the Aussie dollar being so high right now - I think I'd go a little crazy in the beauty stores :p


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