Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inspiration and Appropriation

Three items I picked up at Lovisa recently. I'm probably too old to shop there considering how many junior high schoolers were wandering around in the store. Other than these two rings and the pair of earrings, I've only ever bought one necklace from Lovisa (which I've still yet to wear out), but overall the merch seems like a slightly more grown up, refined Diva. It's interesting that these youth-oriented costume jewellery shops have scored quite high profile models, like Bambi Northwood-Blyth for Diva, and up-and-coming Australia's Next Top Model Season 7 winner Montana Cox for Lovisa.

 l-r: Yves Saint Laurent Arty Enamel ring, Lovisa Dotted Stone Drop ring

And before any fashion purists get all up in arms, yes, Lovisa's Dotted Stone Drop ring is an unabashed YSL ripoff. However, it was practically free given that there was a 3 for 2 offer store-wide, and I was curious to try a cheaper approximation to see if I'd even like such a huge and gaudy ring before potentially shelling out for the real thing. While the price tag for the Arty rings isn't super prohibitive ($US250), my tastes tend towards the more dainty and understated, so this Lovisa copy is mainly for trialling purposes and the novelty factor. The Triangle Drop earrings are also reminiscent of House of Harlow, but I suppose they're a little less blatant and more "inspired".


  1. I prefer Lovisa > Diva as well. I'm glad that there's stores like Lovisa and Love Couture now because Diva's gone too long without it having much competition. :P I love the jewellery, especially the earrings - v. House of Harlow inspired. Also, I didn't know that Montana was going to model for Lovisa! She was my favourite on ANTM so good to know. :)

  2. This jewellery is fantastic xx really lov your blog xx wanted to invite you to check mine out xx maybe we could follow each other through GFC and bloglovin xx hopefully see you at my blog soon xx

  3. these pieces are beautiful. i wish there was this store in the us, because i would surely snap up the "ysl" ring. i don't think i could ever spend $250 on such a trendy piece of jewelry. the other ring is cute as well, i love jewelry that is organic looking.

  4. i always appreciate unique jewelry. i absolutely love those triangle earrings! looks amazing on you, and you are a terrific writer. enjoyed your blog... :) i am blog-hopping... you have a new follower! i'd be honored if you maybe had time to visit me. :) have a great day, and all the best on your lovely blog. YAY, for BLOG-HOPPING! :)


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