Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cult Status

I'm embarrassingly late to the party, but I finally managed to get my mitts on the much-hyped Urban Decay Naked Palette. I won't do any swatches because there's already about a thousand of them, but I will detail some first impressions. I do like the chocolate brown velvet exterior and gold embossing on the front, but not so much the cardboard interior, though it seems sturdy enough. The Shadow Karma Brush that came with the palette is surprisingly stiff and quite flat, so it looks useful for patting on a fine layer of shadow onto the lid, but not really for blending. Apparently the brush is $26 itself, which definitely is overpriced, but may be an added incentive to clinch the sale. Not that the palette isn't already impressively good value considering it consists of 12 full-sized eyeshadows (at 1.3g each), normally $17 each, as well as a mini Primer Potion

From only very lightly swatching the shadows onto my arm, I can say that the shimmery shades (Sidecar, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted) are absolutely gorgeous and the palette is worth it just for them. The two highlight shades are pretty but I don't really see myself using them that much, except probably in the inner corner of the eye on the rare occasion. The two matte shades (Naked and Buck) are not as pigmented and in a palette of such gorgeous shades, I doubt I'd ever even use them beyond initial experimentation. The shade Naked is especially light and barely shows up as it's too close to the colour of my skin. Surprisingly, Creep, which I expected to be a rich, sparkling dark grey from the way it looked in the pan, was actually quite chalky and lacking pigmentation.

I purchased my Naked palette from at just under $60 including postage. There are websites which offer free shipping, however, after reading several reviews, I decided to pay a little extra for postage because comments about shipping from Beauty Bay seemed generally positive. I can say from my experience, shipping was fairly prompt and without complications (my order was despatched on 23 January and the package arrived 1 February). I just checked and Beauty Bay currently have a free shipping promotion. If only they sold Naked 2, I would've already surrendered my credit card deets.


  1. Because I'm an enabler, I feel I must let you know that Naked2 is now on Beauty Bay. (:

  2. I love that Beauty Bay has free shipping but they don't stock both Naked palettes- only the second. :/

    1. I guess they have to restock for the moment, I'm sure they will sell it again soon - it must be one of their best sellers, along with Naked2. They didn't used to have free shipping (it cost just under $10), so I'm glad they've stuck to it. I just wish they offered tracking, but all 3 purchases I've made from there have arrived safely and usually by the 10 working day mark, and really carefully packaged as well, so I guess it's just something I'll have to live without. Are you thinking of buying the Naked palette? Original or Naked2?

    2. I'm drawn to the Original- I love almost every shade, while Naked 2 has some shades that I don't like the look of, e.g Chopper and Pistol. Now that I'm putting myself on the buying ban, I'll have to hold out til Christmas to buy it. Oh, the anticipation! :)


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