Monday, February 13, 2012

Luxe For Less

Savvy by DB Luxury Liners are a revelation. They're creamy, richly pigmented, glide on effortlessly, stay put and last. I swatched each of them onto my arm and rubbed my finger over the lines I drew and they didn't budge. No transfer, no smudging. I don't know much about the Savvy by DB brand, except that Priceline stocks it and the whole range has been on sale for a while, possibly because everything's being discontinued and they're starting from scratch. They better not stop producing these German-made liners because they might be the best eyeliner pencils I've used.

From memory, they retail for $8 each for 1.2g of product, but I purchased the 6 available colours when they were 50% off. I also stocked up on the black liner (Shimmering Slate) at a later sale when everything was $3. The fine silver shimmer particles differentiate it from an ordinary opaque black and Shimmering Slate has now become my default pencil eyeliner on days when I don't feel like using a felt tip or gel eyeliner. My other favourite is Brilliant Bronze, especially pretty on the lower lash line.

 l-r: Glistening Green, Pearlescent Plum, Glitzy Gold, Shimmering Slate, Illuminating Indigo, Brilliant Bronze

 In direct sunlight

My one gripe about these liners is that because they're so creamy, they're difficult to sharpen to a nice point. The tip is quite soft as well, which means they're not the best for precision work. This doesn't overly bother me, as I use other products when I need a fine line, but it does make it slightly more difficult to use without constant sharpening. Despite that, these eyeliners are truly high quality and exceptional value. Highly recommended.


  1. why did i not see this before i bought that l'oreal liner T_T
    omg i think i have to pick up every shade too, i can't decide which color i like the best LOL
    i've been looking for a burgundy liner for a while now actually! ahhh must keep an eye out for when Priceline has a deal on them.

    à la foliee

    1. This post is pretty ancient though - I know the brand relaunched their range late last year so I'm not sure if all colours are still available and in the same form. I think they're now known as Soft Glide Eyeliners. Not sure about the shade selection, though the bronze one (I think it's called Brilliant Brown from memory?) looks a bit darker than the old Brilliant Bronze.


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