Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Goodies: FOA and Essence

Thanks to the heads up from Michelle, I managed to get myself to a Big W to take advantage of the sales they had for Face of Australia products. I picked up the Face Base Primer that I've only read raves about and another Lip Quench lipstick in Iced Almond (I would've also bought Pink Champagne, but there weren't any left). I also headed to Target to take a look at the Essence selection they had. Luckily, they still had a few pots of the bronze gel eyeliner I previously lamented missing out on. I also noticed a stand showcasing the Ballerina Backstage collection which I'd hadn't seen before. There were these so-called "eye soufflé" and "blush soufflé" jars that immediately intrigued me. I purchased the eye soufflé in Pas Des Copper and the blush in Prima Ballerina.

l-r: Pas Des Copper, Prima Ballerina, BBC All Night Brown, Iced Almond

With flash

Face of Australia Iced Almond looks quite peachy in the photos, but it's really a nude lipstick. I would consider it a variation of Lychee Crush, except lighter, not as pink, more beige and slightly peachier.

The Essence soufflé pots really surprised me in terms of quality and innovation. The blush is a medium dusty pink that is airy and lightweight in texture, gliding on and blending effortlessly. I may or may not have been subconsciously lured into buying it after watching this morning Lisa Eldridge's most recent video centered around pink cheeks. The blush is very light in terms of intensity of colour and the creamy product almost instantly absorbs into and dries on the skin without any residue or stickiness.

Pas Des Copper is a warm, slightly pink-toned shimmery copper cream eyeshadow. It could be easily introduced into one's daily routine, dabbed all over the lid with the finger for a fuss-free, daytime neutral eye. I imagine it would also work well as a base for powder shadows, as would the other shade in the collection, Dance in the Swan Lake, a pinkish milky white.

The gel eyeliner in BBC All Night Brown (I don't get the name either) is pleasingly dark enough to really define the eyes, but light enough so it's not a stark black. Like the other Essence gel eyeliner I have in London Baby, staying power is excellent, bordering on a little too good (in terms of the extra effort required in taking it off).


  1. I went back and picked up Lychee Crush because of the sale. It was only like $5.84! :P You have made me very intrigued in these eye and blush souffles, I haven't spotted it in my local yet. x

    1. At that price, it's hard to pass up - Lychee Crush is such pretty pinkish nude shade, I hope you find it works for you. You should definitely check out the souffle pots if you can, I found these at the Target in Macquarie Centre in Sydney.

  2. Hello, I became a reader of your blog, I hope that u'll do it too;)
    Also i have a video blog (VLOG) and write posts about fashion, and so on. (my video blog is in russian)
    I will be glad to see you in my MUSE galaxy)

    with love, Polina

  3. The essence stuff looks nice! I didn't know they sold it at target, I will have to check it out!


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