Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visual Budget

My latest wishlist, collating a few items I've wanted for a while and some I've only recently come across. Of these, realistically the OPI is the only one I'd buy. The MAC stuff is way too expensive in Australia ($32 for an Eye Kohl, $41 for a LE blush?) and a cursory browse of eBay (a site I never visit) didn't yield the bargain basement prices and huge selection I was anticipating. I've been meaning to get the Korres Lip Butter in Mango and Quince, but can't justify spending $24 on the two of them when I already have Jasmine, Pomegranate and Wild Rose, and a bajillion other lip products I won't get through in the next decade.

1. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black 
I've tried Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen, Covergirl LineExact, Sportsgirl To the Point and Bourjois Liner Feutre, and I heard this Stila is one of the best.

2. MAC Powder Blush in Pink Cult 
I swatched this at a MAC counter on the weekend and just liked the shade, described as a "mid-tone dirty neutral pink". I don't have anything like it in my fairly limited blush collection. I'm wanting to experiment more with more natural looking, slightly brownish/neutral shades than my usual pinks and peaches.

3. Korres Lip Butter in Mango and Quince
Still obsessed with coral/orange and Quince is just so pretty. No more words need to be said about my devotion to these little pots of lip buttery goodness.

4. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed
Championed by Jen from From Head to Toe, I just wish I could find this cheaper than about $35 online. I've heard nonstop raves about these Tarte blushes and I'd probably love them, but that's too steep for a single blush. (Though, funnily, if you asked me to spend the same amount on food, I probably wouldn't hesitate.)

5. Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Cream Shadow in Gemstone
Spotted for $28 at Kit in Myer. It's purple, metallic and a cream eyeshadow. Tick, tick, tick. It also didn't budge when I tried to remove it with a tissue after swatching it on my wrist.

6. MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick
I'm just drawn to this super bright pink. Though it probably looks clownish on me and I wouldn't be surprised if I already own something similar but just don't know it.

7. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
Mainly because I was impressed by the creaminess and opacity of something so matte. An ideal eyeshadow base, a pot of this would last forever.

8. Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air
Or Revlon Whimsical (I'm still waiting for you), since I'm don't really fancy shelling out $25 for a nail polish.

9. MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy and Powersurge
Beautiful, ultra wearable metallic shades, perfect for defining the lower lashline.

10. OPI Dulce de Leche
Powerfully convinced this is the perfect pinkish nude after admiring it on a colleague's nails.

I realised after the collage was done that I forgot to include the Too Faced Powder Pouf brush, a ridiculously overpriced but super soft, gorgeous looking brush that I've lusted after for a few weeks. I'm such a sucker for pastel pink and furry things.


  1. The Smashbox cream shadow is on my list too. I love Tarte Amazonian clay blush in exposed. I want to get another shade too but you are right, they are pricey but not as steep here in Canada.

  2. Ooo...I really like you wishlist! I take screenshots of mine and keep them in a folder that now is way too overfilled! I too want to try korres lip butters in Quince and jasmine, I heard great things about them! In terms of stila I'd love to own one of their glitter liquid liners either in the teal or bright blue but I can't justify spending $33 on one at the moment! Tarte exposed looks brilliant too but I manage to hold back on blushes! They'll take a while to get through!

    I'm more interested in brushes, real technique and sigma if I manage and at the moment I've got some goodies a friends helping me bring in from the UK so I'm excited for that!

    Do update on future lists or things you get! I love the visual! :)

  3. Viva Glam Nicki is supposed to be this awesome warm-toned pink, so i will defs have to pick that up for my younger sister - I'm actually cool-toned so I lean more towards St. Germain and Girl About Town! But definitely, I will have to try out or at least swatch some Tarte blushes! They are supposed to be both pigmented and long wearing :) x

  4. Hahaha I have the same habit making a long wishlist but only realizing that I would only buy the few cheapest items out of the bunch. I have the OPI Dulce de Leche! It's a lovely colour, you should definitely buy it sometime :D If I can't find my Rimmel Bare Naked polish anymore, the next runner up to my everyday neutral pink would probably be this. I've been eyeing the Tarte blushes for the longest time too!!! I swatched the blushes quite a few times, but I can never have my brain justify the price of it >_< Your obsession with the Korres lip butters make me want to try them as well heheh

  5. Yay Tarte blush! OPI Dulce de Leche looks amazing! I was admiring it on and the OPI site a few months ago. I've seen Whimsical on and looks great. Though the $25 for a Deborah Lipmann polish isn't that much different to a $20 OPI, is it? (This is how I reason with myself into spending more than I should.) Oh, and to reply to your last reply to my comment: I do have a part time job- I've picked up more shifts and had a bout of retail therapy the other day. Currently waiting on a Shiseido eyelash curler (wheee!) and the Korres Lip Saver. xx

  6. I bought my OPI Delce De Leche from ebay for like $15? But I'm pretty sure you can find some for $12 on ebay. I snagged 'Just Spotted The Lizard' for $12.

    Deborah Lippman is such a huge want for me as well but I'm better off finding dupes for it... *rare*

    The paint pot is definitely something I want to try as well. :D

  7. I like your list a lot :) Most of what you want are things I also want to try as well, especially the Tarte blush!

  8. Great wishlist, but I know what you mean about probably never buying any of them. Even though I love those sort of high end (or should I just say it; expensive!) products, I couldn't see myself parting with $70 for one MAC makeup brush - which is what I'm lusting over right now! :(
    I just got an email from Mecca outlining all the wonderful products we picked as our favourites... there is a lipstick on there for over $70! As much as I'd love to have it, I just couldn't spend that!
    Hopefully someone lovely gifts it all to you ;)

  9. Great post!

    Thx for stopping by. Wanna follow each other?


  10. Awesome picks. I am addicted to half of the products now. ;)

  11. Great choices and i want the majority of these products too! Out of all of them, i really want to try the Korres lipbutters because i have heard so many good things about it. It is really good that you have a wish-list, so that you can motivate yourself and work towards them :) Regarding the paint-pot, i am lusting over the colour 'Rubenesque'!!! Such a gorgeous colour~Thanks for sharing your wishlist, i may have to update mine soon~x

  12. I have Korres lip balm in quince, nice colour.
    Thank you for your wishes on my blog.

  13. I love doing stuff like this! I really want to try the Tarte Amazion blushers too! So difficult to get a hold of :(
    And WOW MAC is expensive anyway, but gosh it's a lot in Australia!

    Laura xoxo

  14. Wow 30$+ for a MAC eye pencil is NOT worth it!!

  15. You're right! MAC (and soooo many brands) are WAY overpriced in Australia! I don't know why they would wanna torture us that way! -.-"

    I'd probably get the OPI nail polish as well cause... I love nail polish! =P

    The Deborah Lipmmann nail polish seems like a good choice as well!

    Oopsss... I'm way too biased over nail polishes now! =P

    ♡ M.May

  16. Mmm was a beautiful collection of products.. makes me want to go shopping! I agree though MAC sounds waaayyy to expensive over there in Canada it's much less then the prices you mentioned.. I don't think that's fair!!


  17. Such a nice wishlist! Quite a few of yours are on mine too :P

  18. your wishlist is absolutely my cup of tea!!! I want them all too !
    too bad I really have to stop shopping now. T.T
    I hope you can get all the products on your wishlist soon!! :D

  19. So many lovely things! Totally with you there on lusting after the MAC paint pot and the Tarte blush. I have a paint pot in Bare Study and you're right - it's not even half empty and I've been using it pretty solidly for the past 9 months. As for the Tarte blush, it's a whopping great amount to spend on a single blush. I was planning on buying it for a more reasonable amount in New York last year but decided not to as I'd already bought so much. I'm kind of regretting that now! Hope you can tock some of these products off you list soon :)

  20. I love MAC. Their colors are so pretty.

  21. I'm really interested in the KORRES lip butters althopugh I'm not ready to invest that amount of money yet as I already have TONS of lipbalms to go through!

  22. I have that Korres Lip Butter in Mango and it's DELICIOUS! Such a wonderful smell/texture and it gives the lips a perfect orange tint! Also, that MAC blush looks stunning! I love dusty rose shades for my cheeks. Maybe I'll take a look next time I swing by a MAC counter or store!


  23. Hi, again! I have an award for you on my blog.

  24. Ah MAC is so expensive. I love the look of the nail polish though, gorgeous shade! xo

  25. I think in France we don't have good brands like Wet N Wild, Nyx, Milani or TARTE !
    Tarte's blush are so beautiful <3

  26. I'm also wanting Tarte blushes - particularly Exposed - and also resisting them because of the price. And I wouldn't hesitate spending that much on food either. x

  27. DL's Glitter In the Air is on my wishlist too! So gorgeous! *sigh* :D

    ~ Yun

  28. following :)


  29. Nice picks! I just ordered the Korres lip butter in Quince and Jasmine - I'm definitely looking forward to trying them! I also love Deborah Lippmann polishes but I agree - they are pretty spendy!

  30. If you're on the hunt for goooood blush, I say try Illamasqua blushes.. In my opinion they are SO much better and smoother than MAC blushes.. And their shade selection is not bad at all.. Trust me, you won't regret it..

    I love the Korres lip butters too! I have quince and wild rose.. And both feel and look so lovely on the lips


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