Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ladylike Allure

Pretty much everything is overpriced in Australia compared to the US or UK, but thankfully we have Ulta3 for super affordable nail polish. These polishes aren't just cheap, they're also high quality, well pigmented and smooth applying. When I first discovered the price and the sheer variety of colours on offer, I was compelled to embark on a mission to visit any Ulta3 stockists close to me. I'm practically an expert now in rummaging through a huge mass of Ulta3 polishes to find shades that I don't already have, or trend-based, newly released colours. At around $2 a pop, it's a collection I can afford to cultivate.

I've been trying to find Earl Grey and Spring Blossom for a while, but they've eluded me and I've more or less given up. However, I did recently manage to acquire another shade I've been on the lookout for, Allure. It's a kind of eggshell/nude/beige, a lovely neutral which is classy, feminine and understated. The colour is what I'd expect a high end brand to release, and the creamy formula applies opaque in two coats, quite an achievement for something so light. I can see myself wearing this year-round when I'm tiring of the garish and glittery and want a more subdued and refined look.


  1. Essence's Toffee to Go is just like this! A good alternative if Ulta3 is difficult to find. Everytime I find an Ulta3 bin, there's a veritable crowd of purples and black and not much else.

  2. Wow this is an amazing colour! It looks like a perfect nude colour for the nails :)


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